CIBSE Journal Sept 2016 CPD Propane molecule

Module 99: Propane as a refrigerant for use in chillers for air conditioning applications

This CPD explores the increasing use of propane for air conditioning applications

September 2016 Cooling
CIBSE Journal July 2016 CPD natural cooling and ventilation PCM

Module 97: Natural cooling and ventilation for improved building sustainability and healthier occupants

This module explores the use of phase-change materials in ventilation systems to reduce a building’s energy consumption and…

June 2016 Cooling
Waste Heat power chillers CPD CIBSE Journal March 2016

Module 91: High-efficiency waste heat-powered lithium bromide absorption chillers

This module considers waste heat-driven lithium bromide and water absorption chillers, plus new higher-efficiency technology and possible applications

March 2016 Cooling

Module 89: Enhancing VRV/VRF systems to meet increasing loads in restricted and historic spaces

This module explores the increasing use of variable refrigerant volume/flow systems in refurbished and repurposed buildings

January 2016 Cooling

Module 83: Integrating centralised hybrid heat pumps with independent room units for energy-efficient concurrent heating and cooling

This module looks at how independent room units are successfully integrated with centralised hybrid heat pumps for energy…

October 2015 Cooling

Pump systems – how much intelligence can you build in?

View the CIBSE Journal webinar from 29 September 2015

October 2015 Cooling

Module 81:Implications of enhanced F-gas regulations for air conditioning applications

This module considers the impact of changes in EU regulations aimed at reducing global warming by limiting the…

September 2015 Cooling

Module 78: Assuring good-quality ventilation in schools

This module considers updated standards affecting requirements for ventilation in teaching spaces, drivers for mechanical ventilation and the…

June 2015 Cooling

Module 72: Maintaining comfort, as well as efficiency, with VRV systems

This module explores the provision of VRC systems to provide efficient, comfortable cooling throughout their lifetime, as demands…

January 2015 Cooling

Module 71: Liquid desiccants for dehumidification in building air conditioning systems

This module considers the application of liquid desiccant dehumidification systems to reduce air moisture content.

December 2014 Cooling

Module 66: Building in flexibility for VRV systems to satisfy the demands of changing building use

This module considers the planning of variable refrigerant volume/flow systems to accommodate future changes in building use

July 2014 Cooling

Module 65: Applying chilled beams to reduce building total carbon footprint

This module considers designs and applications of chilled beams for energy and carbon reduction

June 2014 Cooling

Module 64: Evaluating and improving the performance of variable refrigerant flow air conditioning systems

This module explores measures underpinning the system of energy performance labelling for space air conditioning systems, and how…

May 2014 Cooling

Module 62: Evolving VRV beyond comfort conditioning

This module explores the application of advanced VRV systems

March 2014 Cooling

Module 61: Continuous airflow measurement in ventilation and air conditioning systems

This module considers the methods and practicalities of measuring airflow

February 2014 Cooling