CIBSE Journal roundtable

Roundtable: What’s next for heating, cooling and ventilation?

How does our approach to services need to adapt to tackle issues such as climate change? A CIBSE…

January 2016
Grooved pipe jointing

Thermal expansion and grooved pipe-joining systems

A grooved pipe-joining system is one method of accommodating thermal expansion and contraction in HVAC systems. Victaulic’s Larry…

January 2016
Durban International Convention Centre

The balance of power – modelling a microgrid in Durban, South Africa

Smart grids offer the potential for buildings to generate and store power for future use. Mike Barker MCIBSE,…

January 2016
Magnetic field visualisation

What’s so attractive about magnetic refrigeration?

Magnetic refrigeration has the potential to reduce energy use by 30% and requires no refrigerant. Metkel Yebiyo and…

January 2016

Above and beyond – innovation in building photovoltaics

As the 2020 ‘nearly zero’ energy buildings target approaches, Liza Young explores Swansea University’s pioneering research into building-integrated photovoltaics,…

January 2016

Down to zero – winner of Ashrae modelling competition

An ASHRAE competition pitched teams of industry practitioners against each other to come up with the best model…

January 2016
Multi ThyssenKrupp

Engineers cut lose as ropeless lifts enter space race

A revolutionary elevator that uses magnetic levitation to move horizontally and vertically is set to transform the design…

January 2016
CISCO headquarters, Bedfont Lakes

Giant strides – Cisco and Johnson Controls merge BMS and IT

Technology giants Johnson Controls and Cisco have merged the BMS and IT technologies at a Cisco HQ in…

November 2015

The right tool for the job? Testing the BIM Toolkit

The NBS BIM Toolkit is designed to help organisations reach Level 2 BIM, but how does it perform…

November 2015

Smooth transition – what the ErP Directive means for consultants

Condensing boilers have been mandatory in the domestic market for more than a decade, but it is only…

November 2015

Small and mighty – the performance of a fuel cell micro-CHP

Fuel cell micro-CHPs have the potential to make a huge contribution towards the UK’s energy reduction targets, but…

November 2015

Exhaustive research – accurate flue design for commercial boilers

Accurate flue design is essential for many commercial boilers to work at maximum efficiency. Jim Kinnibrugh explains how…

November 2015
Free surface flow at a branch outfall

The final word – modelling fluid flows

Past CIBSE president John Swaffield died before he was able to finish his second work on modelling fluid…

November 2015

A higher authority – upgrading valves at Chiswick Park

Pressure independent control valves can offer extensive energy benefits according to manufactures. Frese has fitted 1,060 units to…

October 2015

Build tight – ventilate right?

Indoor air quality in housing is being compromised because ventilation scenarios in Building Regulations are not realistic, says…

October 2015