Module 152: Moving UK air conditioning beyond the first decade of the Ecodesign Directive

This module considers the development of EU directives and their continued impact in a post-Brexit UK

September 2019 Cooling

Module 146: Ensuring safe, environmentally sensitive refrigerants for building services applications

This module explores the demanding practical requirements for efficient and safe refrigerants and the application of lower-flammability refrigerants

May 2019 Cooling
Credit - Wweagle

Module 143: Variable air volume (VAV) air conditioning matures, adapts and flourishes

This module will deliver an overview of the basic flow principles that justify the application of VAV, and…

March 2019 Cooling
CIBSE Journal January 2019 CPD valves

Module 140: Pressure-independent control valves in variable volume heating and cooling systems

This module considers the application of pressure-independent control valves to provide stable operating conditions and consistent control in…

January 2019 Cooling
CIBSE Journal November 2018 CPD Module 136

Module 136: Accessible computational fluid dynamics for building services applications

This module explores the use of CFD in providing building systems manufacturers, designers and operators with intelligence on…

November 2018 Cooling
Colt evaporative cooling

Module 135: Direct evaporative cooling for comfort applications

This module considers the main measures used to determine and interpret the operational efficiency of water chiller-based building…

November 2018 Cooling
CIBSE Journal October 2018 CPD

Module 132: Predicting the efficiency of water chillers for building comfort cooling

This module considers the main measures used to determine and interpret the operational efficiency of water chiller-based building…

September 2018 Cooling
CPD Module 128

Module 128: Improving the performance of vapour compression air-cooled chillers

This module explores the application of a novel condenser design that can improve the effectiveness of systems without…

May 2018 Cooling

Ventilation solutions to improve air quality for Part F

Register now for the latest insights into air quality from Daikin. The event took place on 12 June

May 2018 Cooling
CIBSE Journal May 2018 CPD Module 126

Module 126: Radiant sails for room conditioning

This module explores the impact of radiant heat transfer on occupant thermal comfort and considers the application of…

May 2018 Cooling
High rise apartment from below

Compact water cooled solutions for restricted plant spaces

Water cooled VRV is the ideal solution for developments with limited space for a plantroom. Watch Daikin's webinar…

July 2017 Cooling
CIBSE Journal July 2017 CPD Sandymouth Holiday Park

Module 113: Determining thermal comfort in naturally conditioned buildings

This module considers newer methods of assessing the comfort of occupants in naturally conditioned buildings, and explores how…

June 2017 Cooling
CIBSE Journal June 2017 CPD refrigerants

Module 112: The application of alternative refrigerants to meet F-gas requirements

This module considers alternative solutions to using hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in order to comply with the EU F-gas Regulation…

June 2017 Cooling
CIBSE March 2017 CPD

Module 109: Evaporative cooling for building environmental systems

This module considers the evaporative cooling process and its application as a low-cost means of reducing temperature in…

March 2017 Cooling
CIBSE Journal October 2016 Supp CPD pic

Module 101: The evolution of fan coils for efficient conditioning of room air

This module explores how fan coil unit applications are offering improved opportunities for flexible and efficient operation

September 2016 Cooling