Get your pump boosting projects under control

How good design will help minimise issues with booster systems

This webinar looks to delve deeper into how clever design, with a heavy influence on true value engineering, can overcome a vast range of issues on booster systems.
Glenn Miller from Grundfos Pumps will discuss the practical ways to design out known pitfalls using the latest in control architecture and packaged pump booster technology.

It will combine advice regarding mechanical, electrical and software attributes, to help you design in resilience and design out problems. Aspects covered will include:

  • Revisiting booster principals
  • Offering practical tips on the correct use of frequency converters
  • Showing the best use of controls
  • Demonstrating how to incorporate future-proofing
  • Helping to demystify digitalisation.
Join us on Thursday 2 July 2020 at 13:00 BST and don’t miss out on this informative CIBSE Journal and Grundfos webinar.
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