How HIU performance testing will change heat network design

New codes and tests designed to root out poorly performing heat networks are shining a spotlight on the supply chain. Alex Smith reports on a new test for heat interface units that will have far-reaching consequences for designers and suppliers

Lack of knowledge about safe storage may cost lives

Since 2002 there have been at least nine fatalities in Europe caused by carbon monoxide poisoning after people have gone into wood-pellet storage areas. Hywel Davies reviews a report by the HSE aimed at preventing such tragedies

Life support – providing heat and power in Antarctica

The facilities team at the British Antarctic Survey are responsible for maintaining heat and power in some of the most isolated buildings on Earth. Alex Smith finds out how remote monitoring and controls are ensuring the welfare of staff and scientists living near the South Pole

Tidings of comfort and joy – cost efficient church heating

Churches may be full to bursting at Christmas, but smaller congregations at other times make planning a heating strategy difficult. In response, James Sheehan, heating adviser for the Diocese of Peterborough, has produced a cost guide that aims to minimise ecclesiastical heating bills

Prevention or cure – legionella prevention in heat networks

There are two options when it comes to safeguarding low-temperature district heating systems from legionella – safe design or sterilisation treatments. Xiaochen Yang, Hongwei Li and Svend Svendsen, from the Technical University of Denmark, look at the options